Jaumont - Pierre de Soleil
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Jaumont - history

Joseph Vaglio, stone cutter, arrives in Montois-la-Montagne, France.

1900 - 1940:
A company is created, working in construction, painting, tarring, repairs and factory works.
Exploitation of the Moyeuvre-Grande slag heap
Rental of part of the Montois-la-Montagne (King’s quarries) and Jaumont quarries

1940 - 1960: 
Albert Vaglio, the son, takes over the business
End of slag heap operation
Acquisition of 50 hectares of land from other quarries

Launch of a transport, earthworks and demolition business
Development of building stone production

Albert dies and his son Robert starts running the company

Installation of a crushing unit 
Modernization of the equipment
Investment in cutting edge equipment

Inauguration of the museum “L’Œuvre de Jaumont”

J. M. Costa, M. Gautier and J. Scheider, 3 professionals with a background in engineering, construction and mining, take over the business.
Exploitation of a site of 200 hectares 
Employing 180 people